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Message from Dr. Sims on the New Year

Happy New Year and congratulations to all of our students who persevered through their studies during 2020, which was undoubtedly a difficult year full of uncertainty and change. I hope everyone enjoyed their Winter Break.

Now that the first week of classes has concluded, I wanted to highlight a few of the things we’re looking forward to in 2021.

First is the establishment of our electronic sports, or eSports, program. In the announcement of the return of our mascot, the Capitol Charger, we went into a little detail about our new competitive eSports department. In the Fall 2020 issue of the Capitol Chronicle, the university’s magazine, we outlined the timeline for developing this program on page 4. Currently, we are in the process of hiring an Assistant Director of eSports. Once we have the Assistant Director on board, recruiting teams will be established. and they will begin to virtually play clinic and intramural league games. Near the end of the year, the university will unveil a designated on-campus facility where our teams will train and play.

We also look forward to reinvigorating the university’s Alumni Association this year, also mentioned in the Fall issue of the Chronicle (page 10). Mark Fearer, a 2020 Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity graduate, has volunteered his time in spearheading the effort to reestablish the Association and is currently looking for fellow alumni to serve on the Leadership Council of the Alumni Advisory Association which will guide the Association’s activities. If you’re interested in providing your time to the Leadership Council email or if you’re interested in providing a donation for this cause click here.

We’re also looking forward to returning to campus in a full capacity this Fall. Our students, faculty, and staff have done an exceptional job complying with COVID-19 safety protocols and adapting to the new hybrid learning and working method since COVID hit our shores in March of 2020. Now with the advent and dissemination of a vaccine, the university hopes to resume our pre-COVID operations this Fall. University leaders and the COVID-19 Response Task Force will continue to remain vigilant of new protocols and risks, but we will also remain optimistic.

There are a number of other new programs, initiatives, and surprises we have planned for this year, so be sure to stay connected with us! We post regular updates on our LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you all for joining us in 2021 for what we hope will be another year of successes, innovation, and personal, professional, and university growth.

Brad Sims