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October is Careers in Construction Month

October 4, 2021

October marks National Careers in Construction Month, a time geared toward spreading awareness of the various lucrative job opportunities in the construction field, as well as teaching the basics of construction to students across America.

According to an article by the Construction Workforce Development Alliance of West Michigan, the celebratory month started as an “initiative by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) to increase public awareness and appreciation of construction craft professionals and the entire construction workforce.”

This year marks the 9th annual Careers in Construction Month and Build Your Future’s (BYF) the 7th annual I BUILT THIS! video contest, which allows students and construction professionals in training the change to showcase their projects for a chance to win a prize sponsored by construction giants such as DeWalt and Pearson.

“Everything in the economy begins with construction. We don’t have roads. We don’t have schools. We don’t have factories. None of it exists without skilled craft professionals. It is critically important that we promote these careers,” said Tim Johnson, founder and president of the TJC Group, at SkillsUSA 2018 National Leadership and Skills Conference according to an NCCER press release.

Through NCCER’s goal, organizations across the United States bring in teachers and tradespeople, promote and start social media campaigns, and host job fairs centering around celebrating and educating about the construction field. 

Schools and universities act as the staple location for these events by informing the next generation of construction professionals about the lucrative and ever-expanding job opportunities within construction.

Capitol Tech is celebrating this Careers in Construction Month this year by requesting the governor proclaim October as Careers in Construction Month in Maryland. Capitol Tech has celebrated the holiday in years past, profiling sought-after industry jobs such as project managers, machine operators, and electricians, which are three of the top 10 most profitable jobs in construction1.

Stuck trying to find ideas to celebrate? BYF also features many starter kits on their website on how to get involved with Careers in Construction Month.

This newfound holiday is quite literally built to celebrate construction and the many opportunities the industry provides. Whether by participating on your own or getting your school involved, remember to find some time this October to get to know the construction field.
Capitol Tech offers many programs and opportunities in the construction, facilities, and safety that Careers in Construction Month is all about. To learn more about these programs, visit and peruse the various courses and degrees offered. Many courses are available both on campus and online. For more information, contact


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