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Recognizing Information Tech Staff on IT Professionals Day

September 21, 2021

September 21st marks 2021’s National Information Technology (IT) Professionals Day, a day in honor of those dedicated to solving our slew of modern technological problems.

Because the technology-driven world of today is still a fairly recent reality, National IT Professionals Day is also a new development. An article on states that the holiday was created in 2015, and points out that, IT Professionals "are nothing less than essential to successful business practices.”

From maintaining our internet speed and connection, to keeping up protections that keep out viruses and hackers, all the way to ensuring the upkeep of hardware and more, IT Professionals drive modern society. With such a variety of invaluable tasks and responsibilities, and an average yearly salary of $81, 634, it’s no wonder IT professionals and positions are becoming increasingly sought after.

There are plenty of subcategories to the IT profession, many of which are growing in demand. According to an article by news writer Paul Heltzel, “[J]obs related to emerging technologies and skills account for about 28% of open IT positions.”

With these emerging technologies and skills comes a need for software engineers with experience who can teach newer programmers and cybersecurity, data scientists, data engineers, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers. There are also countless organizations dedicated to supporting and educating aspiring and current IT professionals, according to Allan Hoffman, Monster Tech Jobs Expert. The Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Association for Women in Computing, Washington Alliance of Technology Workers are just a few examples of organizations devoted to furthering the traditional education and practical industry knowledge of members.

Interactions between IT staff and other team members are often brief and impersonal due to problems being solved quickly to resume workflow, so this IT Professionals Day, take a moment to appreciate the IT professionals in your life. They hold the knowledge and keys to ensuring our tech-fueled world stays up to date and stable, including all the devices you rely on.

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