Neuralink's Brain Chip: How It Works and What It Means

February 9, 2024
Elon Musk recently announced that Neuralink, his company aiming to revolutionize brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), has successfully implanted a brain chip in a human for the first time. The implantation of the device, called “the Link,” represents a leap forward in the realm of BCIs, which record and decode brain activity, that may allow for new innovations in health care, communication, and cognitive abilities. 
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AI and Counterterrorism: Potential, Pitfalls, and the Path Forward

January 31, 2024
As artificial intelligence (AI) transforms nearly every aspect of modern life, it’s ushered in new opportunities, efficiencies, and conveniences. It’s also bolstering efforts to enhance digital and national security. AI is now poised to alter the landscape of counterterrorism, offering an arsenal of analytical tools and predictive capabilities. However, its integration into this sensitive domain raises several ethical and practical concerns that must be examined and legislated to ensure its responsible use. While the potential benefits of AI in counterterrorism are undeniable, overlooking its potential drawbacks could have far-reaching consequences. 
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International Women’s Day Celebration Today

March 8, 2022
Today, March 8th, is the annual observance of International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the significant impact of women to all aspects of our society.
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High-Performance Computing (HPC): Applications and Trends in Computer Science

March 7, 2022
High-performance computing (HPC) is a relatively new application being used across many STEM fields of study.
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Virtual Volunteer Opportunities – A Safe Way to Give Back

February 4, 2022
Looking for a fun, virtual way to volunteer?
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Public Radio Broadcasting Day - A Glimpse at Capitol History

January 13, 2022
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Recent Breakthroughs in Quantum AI

November 18, 2021
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technological breakthrough that has changed the way we live our daily lives. It has brought us technology we often take for granted—such as smart home devices—to tackling large world problems like climate change. Like many technologies, however, classical AI techniques are reaching their limits in terms of computing power. In the never-ending search for bigger, better, faster—enter Quantum AI.
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Email Spoofing: What is it, how does it work, and how do we prevent it? 

September 27, 2021
Email phishing is not a new concept. Since email became a widely-used method of communication, unscrupulous individuals have been sending emails for fake lotteries, invented inheritances, and fake charitable schemes. Many of these types of scams were easy to identify by looking at the sender. However, as technology has advanced, so have phishing schemes—especially in the form of email spoofing. 
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Machine Learning Could Accelerate Drug Discovery 

September 24, 2021
According to the Congressional Budget Office, in 2019, the pharmaceutical industry spent $83 billion on research and development, about ten times the amount spent per year in the 80s. With so much money going toward exploring whether or not a drug will be effective, one group has turned to machine learning (ML) to help expedite the process. 
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Recognizing Information Tech Staff on IT Professionals Day

September 21, 2021
September 21st marks 2021’s National Information Technology (IT) Professionals Day, a day in honor of those dedicated to solving our slew of modern technological problems.
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