International Women’s Day Celebration Today

March 8, 2022

Today, March 8th, is the annual observance of International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the significant impact of women to all aspects of our society. In addition to this single day observance, the entire month of March is also dedicated to honoring the influential women who have contributed to the important societal, economic, political, and cultural changes seen throughout history. This year’s themes are: Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow and #BreaktheBias. On social media, many are posting photos of themselves with arms crossed, symbolizing an “X”, as in X-chromosome and also “stop” the bias.

Taking time to celebrate these contributions is important to the empowerment and encouragement of women to seize opportunities in historically male-dominated fields. Diversity in these fields notably increases creativity and cultural insight, ensuring representation and engagement of all genders, as well as drives the advancement of STEM areas.

Over the month of March, Capitol Tech invites you to partake in our retrospective honoring the many amazing women who have contributed to innovations in STEM. The following biographies outline the lives of women who redefined their fields. From programmers, engineers, hackers, and celebrities, click through the links below to learn more about these pioneering women:

Amanda Finnerty: Director of Internal Operations for Commodore Builders
Danielle Dy Buncio: Co-founder and CEO of VIATechnik, a Construction Technology Firm
Rebecca Clark: Operations Executive for Skanska, a Global Construction Firm
Dr. Nina Tandon: Co-Founder of the First Company to Grow Human Bones for Reconstruction
Ada Lovelace: The Mother of Computer Programming
Hedy Lamarr: Star of the Silver Screen and Inventor of a WWII Changing Communications Device
Edith Clarke: A Trailblazing Leader for Women and a Pioneer in Computing and Engineering
Katherine Johnson: In Commemoration of the Mathematician and Computer Scientist Responsible for the first U.S. Moon Landing
Ana Sol Gutierrez: "I wouldn’t follow the role they attributed to me"
Kimberly Bryant: Accomplished Electrical Engineer and Founder of Black Girls Code
Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski: The Young Woman Dubbed the “Next Albert Einstein”
Velma P. Scantlebury, M.D.: the first black female transplant surgeon in the U.S.
Mae Jemison: Doctor, Teacher, Founder of Two Technology Companies, and the First African-American woman in Space

Judith Milhon: Programmer, Civil Rights Activist, Hacker

Judith Love Cohen: Aerospace Engineer, Feminist, Actor Jack Black’s Mother


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