Robot-Assisted Acoustic Technology: Broad-Use Engineering for the Future

July 1, 2024
Acoustic technology, in some forms, has been around for centuries. It is used in designing and improving musical instruments for optimal sound production, as well as limiting unwanted or harmful mechanical noise in the world around us.
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Control Engineers: The Masterminds Behind the Machines

January 26, 2024
Control engineers are architects of automation. Enabling everything from smart home thermostats to complex flight controls for commercial aviation, they bring life to machines and keep the wheels of modern technologies turning smoothly. As one of the fastest growing careers today, here’s a look at what control engineers do, where they work, and the outlook for the field. 
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International Women’s Day Celebration Today

March 8, 2022
Today, March 8th, is the annual observance of International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the significant impact of women to all aspects of our society.
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Eyes to the Universe | ALPHA Teaser Series #3

February 25, 2022
When you imagine an observer using a telescope, you might think they use a conical eyepiece to obtain a zoomed view of the target of interest.
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A President's Day Celebration of Our STEM Leaders

February 21, 2022
It’s President’s Day here in the United States, a time to celebrate the past leaders of this country and all they have done to further develop it.
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Orbiting the Unknown │ ALPHA Teaser Series #2

February 11, 2022
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Public Radio Broadcasting Day - A Glimpse at Capitol History

January 13, 2022
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National Science Fiction Day: A History of Science and Technology in Fiction

January 4, 2022
January 2 marked the annual celebration of National Science Fiction Day. By no coincidence, this date is also the birthday of Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction writer and professor of biochemistry.
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The Evolution of Mechatronics Engineering

September 21, 2018
Mechatronics: a crossover form of engineering born out of need for engineers with both electrical and mechanical knowledge leading to an amazing array of features in everyday products.
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It’s science, not magic: Capitol researchers harness brainpower to control devices

March 16, 2018
Being able to use your thoughts – no mouse or joystick required – to control computerized devices may once have sounded like sci-fi fantasy, but a research team at Capitol is working on projects that demonstrate such capabilities are ver
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