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Safe & Sound: The Mechanics Behind Occupational Health and Safety

By: Dr. Ian McAndrew, FRAeS

We all take little notice of the signs in fast food restaurants or public areas that are yellow and warn us of a spill and potential slip condition. That is, until we do slip and usually do not fall, but ungraciously regain our balance. Normally, it is only our pride that is hurt. 

For those that fall, the repercussions can range from sprains to life-changing injuries. Now multiply that on an industrial scale, and we have a need for Occupational Health & Safety. Professionals in this field ensure work areas and public places are safe to be used and monitor the design and operational systems that form the backbone of the environment employees and other stakeholders encounter. Yearly audits and policies follow to ensure unscrupulous people do not cut corners. 

Occupational Health & Safety professionals make our everyday lives safer, and we usually take it for granted. When did you last walk down a corridor and look down, worried it may not be flat and without trip hazards? Again, this is not an accident, and professionals make it happen.

Woman on work site

Now consider environments that are dangerous: construction, raid repairs, and tree surgeons, for example. We can never mitigate risks; we can only minimize the probability. Compound that with new technologies such as driverless cars, and the challenge to maintain the same high standards is even greater.

Capitol’s Ph.D. in Occupational Health and Safety will equip you with the skills needed to excel in this leading-edge career field. Our faculty include industry and research leaders who are committed to ensuring that our country and its people are safe and protected.

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