Post-Baccalaureate in Critical Infrastructure

Starting Summer 2024

This certificate program is designed to provide education and training for career development in areas of critical infrastructure. Students will further their existing knowledge and experience in security systems concepts, both physical and digital, as well as risk management, prevention, and response.

This program is intended for current professionals with an undergraduate degree in the field of critical infrastructure, construction science, cybersecurity, or similar and related fields, that seek further education and career options in this evolving industry. 

For continued study, see our M.S. in Critical Infrastructure.   


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Critical Infrastructure Courses 

Total Credits: 12 credits 

Why Capitol?

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Our student centers and partnerships

Our university’s unique partnerships with the NSA, DoD, and other agencies and organizations, along with our Critical Infrastructure Center (CIC), provide students with the resources they need to gain real world experience in this field, as well as internship and mentoring opportunities from industry experts.  

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