Minor in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems

Add to your major with a minor in unmanned and autonomous systems, safely pilot the vehicles of the future.

With more and more companies relying on video, data and information from unmanned systems, the demand for skilled designers, maintainers, and operators is expected to grow exponentially.

Through select courses, students will learn the basics of how unmanned systems work, along with essential rules and regulations upheld by industry professionals. Explore vehicle missions, understand how businesses make UAS decisions, and get your operator certification with guidance from our expert faculty. 

Due to the similar nature of required courses, students in the Unmanned and Autonomous Systems major will not be eligible to apply to the Unmanned and Autonomous Systems minor.

Required Courses (22 credits)

Students must complete all prerequisites for each course.
All courses must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher. No course substitutions will be allowed.
No more than six credits may apply to both the major degree program and a minor.
No more than nine transfer credits may be applied to a minor.

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