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Capitol Tech signs MOU with CSU to Create Pathway to PhD in Occupational Health and Safety

Capitol Technology University has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Columbia Southern University (CSU) to increase access to high-quality, in-demand education to ambitious students. This MOU allows graduates of CSU’s Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health degree direct admission into Capitol Tech’s PhD in Occupational Health and Safety. Credits earned by students through CSU’s M.A. degree will transfer toward Capitol Tech’s fully online, research-based PhD.

“We are proud to enter into this agreement with Columbia Southern University to educate the next generation of Health and Safety professionals,” said Dr. Brad Sims, President of Capitol Technology University. “Through this MOU, Capitol Tech will build upon the robust education provided by CSU’s M.A. in Occupational Safety and Health program to students seeking expanded knowledge, real-world experience, and a terminal degree in this growing field.”

The MOU also brings these two lauded institutions together to discuss the potential of joint events in health and safety areas including symposia, colloquia, panel discussions, and conferences.

CSU’s M.A. in Occupational Safety and Health degree, recognized by the Graduate Safety Practitioner® Qualified Academic Program, is taught by experienced safety experts who assist students in preparing for the GSP® designation while also eliminating the need for students to sit for the Associate Safety Professional (ASP®) exam prior to taking the Certified Safety Professional (CSP®) exam.

As a doctoral student in occupational health and safety at Capitol Tech, students will be assigned a chair who assists students in developing their initial research idea into a full research proposal. After working with their chair and the research committee, students begin to work independently to produce a meaningful body of original research of publishable quality and gain valuable insight into the legal, political, ethical, and social dimensions of the student’s chosen field of study.

CSU’s three-credit courses, MOS-5101 Safety and Accident Prevention and MOS-5201 Safety Engineering, will be transferrable to fulfill the a six-credit in Capitol Tech’s degree titled OSH-810 New Hazards to Occupational Health & Safety. Additionally, CSU’s three-credit courses, titled MBA-6301 Business Ethics and MOS-5525 Integrated Safety Management Systems, will fulfill Capitol Tech’s OSH-820 Advanced Research Methods for Occupational Health & Safety, a six-credit course.

Click here for more information on Capitol Tech’s PhD in Health and Safety program or click here to email Cameron Newsome, Director of Admissions, to learn how you can apply today.