Capitol Technology University Alum Dr. Nikki Robinson's New Book Added to School Library

Capitol Technology University is excited to announce that alum Dr. Nikki Robinson’s new book is now available via our on-site library.  

On Friday, July 21, 2023, during a signing ceremony with President Dr. Brad Sims and Dean of Doctoral Programs Dr. Ian McAndrew, Dr. Robinson added an autographed copy of her latest book to the university’s library. Students and faculty now have free access to this important information and can borrow this copy to learn more about emerging topics in cybersecurity. 

Dr. Sims, Dr. McAndrew, and Dr. Robinson at Book Signing Ceremony 7-21-2023
Dr. Sims, Dr. McAndrew, and Dr. Robinson at book signing ceremony


Dr. Robinson is a celebrated graduate of Capitol, having received two doctorates from our university: a DSc in Cybersecurity and a PhD in Human Factors. She is also a Doctoral Chair and an adjunct professor with Capitol. Her areas of expertise and research explore vulnerability management, security architecture and design, as well as integrating human factors into security engineering practices.  

In her recently released bookMind the Tech Gap: Addressing the Conflicts between IT and Security Teams,” she analyzes the conflicts in operations, functionality, and security often seen between IT and cybersecurity teams, and explores the different job functions, goals, relationships, and other factors that may impact how these teams interact. She offers methods of resolution from a psychology and human factors perspective through means of communication, collaboration, and compromise. Conflicts within organizational IT and cybersecurity departments are a prevalent issue in the professional cyber field today and relates to their overall purposes within the industry setting. While IT works to maintain availability through delivery and providing access to services, Security teams work to maintain asset safety and minimalize risk through limiting and regulating access to services. As both teams are essential to successful business operations and data management, it is imperative to find solutions and “mind the gap” between these specialized areas. 

Mind the Tech Gap by Dr. Nikki Robinson
Mind the Tech Gap by Dr. Nikki Robinson


Dr. Robinson serves as the Assistant Director for the Advisory Board of Capitol’s Center for Women in Cyber (CWC), which seeks to address the growing need for women professionals and leaders in cyber-related fields. 

Dr. Robinson will be speaking during a LinkedIn Live event this Thurs., August 3 at 12:30 p.m. EST. Joining her will be Dr. Mary Aiken, world-leading expert in Cyberpsychology, Doctoral Chair, and Professor at Capitol, as well as Dr. Brad Sims, President of the University. This 30-minute discussion will cover topics in cyberpsychology, human factors, and the exciting opportunities of the CWC. 

Be sure to tune in by visiting LinkedIn Live

Dr. Mary Aiken and Dr. Nikki Robinson LinkedIn Live Event on Aug. 3, 2023
Dr. Mary Aiken and Dr. Nikki Robinson LinkedIn Live Event on Aug. 3, 2023 at 12:30 p.m. Eastern


For more information on Dr. Robinson’s new book, visit

Students can request to borrow a physical copy of the book from the university library by logging into the MyCapitol portal or visiting in-person at our Puente Library on campus. 

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