Capitol Technology University Launches New Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence

Last month, Capitol Technology University officially launched our new center dedicated to advancing the frontiers of artificial intelligence through innovative research, education, and industry collaboration. Our Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AICE) was established to foster a dynamic ecosystem that empowers students, faculty, and global community partners to explore, innovate, and apply cutting-edge AI technologies. As a leader in AI education and research, Capitol aims to drive transformative advancements in technology for the betterment of society.

Capitol was established in 1927 as an institution that recognizes the power of technology in our evolving world and the importance of STEM education for career development. Today, Capitol continues our longstanding tradition of leadership and innovation within tech higher education by being the only university in Maryland to offer a Bachelor of Science in AI degree program. With exceptional initiatives like this, our university has been accepted as a member of the US Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC), which was established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to bring together leading organizations to address the critical challenges of AI safety and ethics.


Capitol Leadership at AICE Launch


In celebration of the announcement of AICE, a launch day ribbon-cutting ceremony was hosted on our campus in Laurel, MD on March 14, 2024 — which is the national STEM observance of Pi Day. In attendance was university leadership including Dr. Bradford Sims, President, Dr. John LaNear, VP of Academic Affairs, Dr. Bill Butler, VP of Cyber Science Outreach and Partnerships, as well as faculty, staff, and current students. AICE leadership and department chair, Dr. Najam Hassan, shared his excitement for the launch of AICE and the future of AI at Capitol, stating "I'm thrilled to see the momentum building around AICE and our commitment to advancing the frontiers of AI. AICE represents a pivotal step forward in our efforts to foster innovation, collaboration, and societal impact in the field of AI. I am excited about the endless possibilities it will bring, not only for our university but also for the broader AI community. With AICE, we aim to equip students, faculty, and industry partners with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an AI-driven world, while also pushing the boundaries of AI research and promoting ethical and responsible AI development. I look forward to seeing the positive impact AICE will have on shaping the future of AI education and research, and I am confident that our efforts will contribute to making Capitol Technology University a leader in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field."

The event also featured an impressive display of interactive demonstrations of AI software and student projects in development currently at Capitol for interested members to explore.


Student Working with AI Software at AICE Event


AICE, in union with our cutting-edge degree programs, provides individuals with the means to success for their technology career advancement. Through unique resources and networking opportunities with our faculty, staff, and industry partners, members of AICE gain insight into best practices, ethics, and applications of AI, making them significant contributors to the future progress of the industry. With a high demand for AI professionals, especially in our booming technology hub within the Washington, DC and DMV areas, the AI landscape offers abundant growth and opportunity for those seeking careers in this field.


Students at AICE Launch


Additional offerings at Capitol include our Master or Research (MRes) in AI degree program, which ranked within the top 10 as one of the “Most Affordable Master's in AI” programs by This recognition highlights our commitment to affordable quality education through total cost, financial aid options, and course modality. Our Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programs offer several other exciting degree options for you to choose from as an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral student.

Visit our website to learn more about how Capitol Technology University can launch your career in AI.


AICE Launch Faculty and Students in Attendance


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AICE Launch Celebration