Capitol Technology University Partners with NexGen Higher Institute of Technology and Capitol Alumnus for Academic and Research Cooperation

Capitol Technology University has signed a historic partnership with NexGen Higher Institute of Technology (NHIT) of Yaoundé, Cameroon in West-Central Africa, establishing a joint effort to promote opportunities for academic research cooperation between both parties. 

NexGen and CapTech MOU Signing with Dr, Butler, Dr. Anye, and Dr. Sims
NexGen and CapTech MOU Signing with Dr, Butler, Dr. Anye, and Dr. Sims


On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Dr. Bradford Sims, President of Capitol along with Dr. Divine Sufor Anye, President of NHIT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to initiate this exciting collaboration towards exploring the resources of both parties for the creation of educational pathways and opportunities towards the goal of granting degrees in undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Capitol has a long history of partnering with West African institutions to address the global cyber workforce and skills shortage, and with Dr. Anye, specifically. He is a Capitol alumnus and has previously collaborated with the university in the development of cyber programs in Cameroon. Dr. Anye received both his D.Sc. in Cybersecurity in 2018 and his Ph.D. in Technology in 2020 from our university.  

While still a student with Capitol, Dr. Anye helped successfully initiate a similar partnership between the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) and Capitol. He worked to develop and map courses for both institutions, which he states was a challenging but rewarding endeavor. He credits Capitol in our efforts, stating our university “went above and beyond to help and support a good cause,” and commended us for assisting with faculty training. 

When he graduated, Dr. Anye started his own educational institution in Cameroon, the NHIT, which has always been a dream of his, and seeks to address the gap in providing skills for next generation workers for Africa. The associate degree program he developed there has been available for about four years and he is graduating his second batch of students this year. Within this new partnership with Capitol, he will now have the opportunity to offer BSc and MSc degree programs through NHIT.  

Dr. Anye is looking forward to this new agreement, stating that “this partnership is the window through which NexGen students would be able to see the world through the Capitol Lens. That makes a huge difference between a kid who does not understand a diverse perspective.” His expectations for this partnership are that the institution will be able to offer degree programs using the US-based educational model. 

When asked about his commitment to supporting the growth and infrastructure of the community through the educational development of cyber and tech professionals, Dr. Anye offered that “capacity building is very important to support the infrastructures and applications that drive the digital ecosystem. Such a partnership gives the students in NHIT Cameroon the opportunity to learn and collaborate from one of the best in the industry. Capitol has a long history of educating and training top ‘tech-preneurs,’ myself being an example, and we hope that this partnership is just an extension of Capitol's achievements to Cameroon through one of its graduates.” 

Within this new partnership, the two institutions can now focus on the next steps in what should be a long and beneficial relationship for both parties. This includes: 

  • Development of academic and educational cooperation based on equality and reciprocity, 

  • Facilitation and enhancement of academic, administrative, and research cooperation towards the goal of granting degrees in undergraduate and graduate programs, 

  • Exchange of academic and administrative staff and students, 

  • Cooperation in research and the presentation of results, 

  • Exchange of academic materials, publications, and other scientific information, 

  • Collaboration and exchange of library and auxiliary resources and services, 

  • Articulation of credits, 

  • Facilitation of student-faculty exchanges, 

  • and other educational exchanges as developed and agreed upon. 

In addition, Dr. Anye graciously presented a gift to Dr. Sims: a copy of his book published in 2021 titled “Top Digital Transformation and Innovation Countries in Africa: A Comprehensive Comparison of Technology Development in the African Continent,” which explores the evolution of global technology, the emerging digital dimension, and where Africa stands in this rapidly digitizing world. 

NexGen Dr Anye Gifts Book to Dr Sims
Dr. Anye of NHIT gifts book to Dr. Sims of Capitol


Dr. Sims stated that "Dr. Anye embodies the commitment and potential of our alumni. His efforts to translate his education into community service and to foster the development of future tech industry leaders are truly making an impact in our society. Capitol Tech applauds his initiatives and through this partnership, we aim to facilitate such beneficial endeavors." 

Capitol is among the first universities in the world to offer degree programs in cyber and information security and the first to launch a doctorate in the field. The quality of our programs has been recognized with repeat designations by the Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency as a National Center of Academic Excellence, as well as SC Media and other leading organizations. Our university is based in Laurel, Maryland, USA near the booming technology hub of Washington, DC and the DMV area, and our graduates are recruited by some of the top industries worldwide. 

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