Capitol Technology University Partners with SIXGEN to Promote Cybersecurity Education

 Capitol Technology University is pleased to announce a new partnership with SIXGEN, a veteran-founded and operated company located in Annapolis, MD that provides world-class cybersecurity services and products to protect government organizations and commercial industries.

SIXGEN and Cap Tech U Logos


President of Capitol Technology University Dr. Bradford Sims and CEO of SIXGEN Ethan Dietrich initiated this strategic alliance to promote and provide opportunities for students seeking education and careers in cybersecurity. SIXGEN members who wish to further their education and training in cybersecurity will receive reduced tuition fees at Capitol Tech, which is a STEM-focused university with many program offerings in Cyber and Information Security, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Intelligence and Security Studies, Cyberpsychology, and Management of Technology, to name a few. SIXGEN’s talented and experienced professionals bring state-of-the-art, national-level cyber protection to their clients and the quality training they receive is pivotal to their success. 

“Capitol Technology University works closely with its industry partners to support their needs. SIXGEN is our newest partner that directly led to the creation of our latest PhD in Offensive Cyber Engineering,” stated Dr. Sims. Through partnerships like these, students can benefit from the collective resources and collaborative offerings of both parties.  

Under this agreement, Capitol Tech will provide members of SIXGEN with a 20% discount on their tuition for master’s and doctorate programs, as well as the partner tuition rate for asynchronous online programs at $360 per credit for the 2022-23 semesters. In addition, Capitol Tech and SIXGEN will collaborate on the development of new academic programs and events to meet emerging needs in the cyber industry. 

Capitol Tech’s PhD in Offensive Cyber Engineering, starting in the Spring of 2023, is one such example. This new academic program was developed to address the need for leaders in this field to face the ever-growing cyber threats to global intelligence, public safety, and the world economy. This unique program focuses on a position of force and prevention against cyber threats, rather than defense and damage control after the fact, and explores effective tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as the philosophy behind offensive cyber engineering. This is one of many progressive degrees offered at Capitol Tech, taught by field-expert faculty in technologically advanced labs, to provide cutting-edge education in new and emerging industries. The mission and vision of Capitol Tech and SIXGEN align with their common goals of furthering cyber education and developing leaders in the field, and students will benefit from this partnership. 

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