Chargers Esports Wins 2024 Gaming Tournaments

Today is National Video Game Day, and what better way to celebrate than highlighting our Capitol Chargers Esports Team! Our team has made significant strides since its formation, and as an Esports member, students get to explore teamwork and leadership roles, enhance strategic thinking, and improve computer skills. Our students have been working hard towards building their video game expertise and improving their team’s on-going successes, proving that dedication and comradery can lead to achieving long-term goals and establishing long-lasting friendships. 

Within the 2023 – 2024 seasons, our Esports team has had several exciting breakthroughs. The Rocket League team finished in 2nd place during the NACE Varsity Plus Division last year, and our Call of Duty team also finished 2nd in the NACE Divisional against Robert Morris University this spring. These teams have also faced off against other colleges across the U.S., including Ferris State, Baldwin Wallace University, Franklin College, Penn West University, and Manchester University, affording opportunities to gain further experience and network with colleagues. 

Capitol Chargers Esports Division Finals Call of Duty Team
Capitol Chargers Esports Division Finals Call of Duty Team


During the Extra Credit #100 Tournament at Xanadu Games in Laurel, Maryland, our Super Smash Bros. player, Alonte Dodds, placed in the top 10 spot among 60 participants! In May, Alonte also secured Capitol Tech’s first-ever tournament win during the MET FEST Esports Tournament in Washington, D.C., winning 1st place among 55 entrants! Throughout the tournament, Alonte used the characters Pikachu from Pokémon and Steve from Minecraft. During a following competition in the Extra Credit #109 tournament at Xanadu Games, Alonte finished 1st again, with his Pikachu character beating out several other players to win his second straight Smash tournament for the summer season. These are all substantial wins for our teams, and we are extremely proud of everyone’s dedication and progress. 

Capitol ESports Member Alonte Dodds Wins Smash Bros. Tournament
Capitol ESports Member Alonte Dodds Wins Smash Bros. Tournament


“We are making strides, and I am so proud of the seniors this year as well: Jacob Glab (CoD), Julian Ferrari (RL), Devin Zahn (CoD, RL), and James Goolsbee (CoD, RL),” stated Charles Spencer, Assistant Director of Esports and Competitive Activities at Capitol Tech. 

“Our university appreciates the work they have done for the program over the years. I am excited for what lies ahead, as we are always seeking ways to provide great programs for our students and the Capitol Tech Community overall!" 

Capitol Chargers Esports Team Practice Session
Capitol Chargers Esports Team Practice Session in our Esports Arena


Additional members Darius Nalley, Mason DuPrey, and Daniel Porter have been featured spotlights in our Esports newsletter as well, demonstrating excellent sportsmanship, strategic gameplay abilities, and reflexive expertise in their craft. 

Currently, our Esports teams include Call of Duty and Rocket League, but we will be conducting tryouts for Overwatch and other video games in the fall when our divisions will reconvene at the semester’s start. 

If you are a Capitol Tech student interested in joining our Esports team, please contact us, or visit our website for more information. 

Be sure to keep up with our teams on Instagram @chargersesports and on Twitch at