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Letter from President Sims to the Community

Dear Campus Community,

Congratulations on moving so swiftly and seamlessly into online learning environments! Since we are now in the first official week of online classes I want to commend you for your cooperation and adaptability. Through this pandemic, our campus community has truly embodied the Capitol motto of "find a way or make one."

While classes and most work performed by staff have moved online, we remain a connected, strong, and tight-knit community. Students are working diligently, faculty are teaching expertly, and staff members are working productively with each other.

Staff and faculty remain available to provide the same, personal student support as we did on-campus. If any students, require remote student support with student advising, financial aid, registration and records, or any other university department, please contact us via email, which are checked multiple times a day, or via Zoom's online messaging service.

For specific departmental questions, please see the below directory or online here.

  • Admissions - (undergrad) (grad)
  • Online Learning -
  • Online Helpdesk/Support -
  • Financial Aid -
  • Business Office -
  • Academic Departments -
  • Dean of Students -
  • Academic Advising - (undergrad) (grad) · Career Services -
  • Residence Life -
  • Registration and Records -
  • Advancement & Alumni Services - OR
  • Human Resources -
  • Marketing and Communications -
  • Library -

For all general questions please email
Thank you for your cooperation,

Brad Sims, Ph.D.
President, Capitol Technology University