Cap Tech U Badge for DEF CON 31

Radio and Wi-Fi Detection Device

This DEF CON 31 exclusive, limited edition “badge” was designed by our very own Cap Tech U engineering students! It detects radio and Wi-Fi signals from electronic sources like laptops, smartphones, radios, and other devices! When you get close to anything with a radio or Wi-Fi connection or signal, the badge’s built-in speaker will make a static, buzzing noise! 

Many people are unaware of the different hidden electronic signals that can be found in our everyday life. Everything from thermostats to cell phones to slot machines can contain a transmitter or use a radio or Wi-Fi signal. 

Did you know...that everyday items can have a radio or Wi-Fi transmitter inside? 

Can you guess...which equipment at DEF CON has these transmitters? 

Use this badge to find out! 

To read more about Cap Tech U at DEF CON 31, visit our blog.

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Our Badge Sponsors

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the following DEF CON 31 Badge project contributors. Through their generous support, this project was made possible.

Clarity Cyber APS Global LLC
Designers (Faculty) (Students)
Dr. Charles Conner Elijah Emory
Dr. Rick Hansen Michael Prebble


Manufacturers (Students)  
Silas Charles Stoil Avramov
Holy Negussie Elijah Emory
Michael Prebble Omar Brown
Josine Mamno Christian Michael
Bri'Yanna Cobb  

 Badge PCBs manufactured by PCBway and JLCPCB

Original Design

Paul Beaumont created the original circuit schematic that was utilized in creating our design and PCB.

His design can be found by visiting his site.

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