Computational and Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Lab 

The mission of the Computational and Unmanned and Autonomous Systems (CUAS) Laboratory at Capitol Technology University is to support advances in guidance, navigation, and control technology relevant to autonomous vehicles and their payload. A parallel objective is to integrate this technology into other related degree programs at the university proving the student interdisciplinary expertise.

The CUAS Lab investigates and develops technology relevant to unmanned systems. Many of the projects will allow students to work closely with industry partners as they research autonomous technology and explore its future uses, leading the way as drone operations continue to increase across the globe. Investigations consist of applying avionics, sensors, and other payloads to various platforms including surface and sub-surface vehicles.

CUAS Lab Goals:

  • Inspire students to achieve their full potential through an engineering experience.
  • Provide a learner centered environment that stimulates innovation and creativity.
  • Foster relationships with industry and government through internships and grants.
  • Expand university research opportunities between internal and external partnerships.


Dr. Rick Hansen, Professor of Practice, Cybersecurity

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