Space Operations Institute

Note: The SOI is no longer operating in the below capacity as of 2013. Please direct questions about the legacy of the program to

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The Space Operations Institute, established at Capitol Technology University in 2002 (then Capitol College) with a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was a consortium of NASA, industry, government, and education partners. The cooperative agreement formally ended in May 2013, although the spirit and legacy of the SOI lives on in the new CubeSat-focused programs of the Astronautical Engineering department.

The SOI combined the infrastructure necessary to manage satellite operations with an educational program that prepared students for careers in all aspects of space mission operations. The SOI built upon Capitol’s established engineering foundation and worked closely with NASA to understand the aerospace industry’s changing skill requirements. As they provided service in NASA and industry sponsored co-op positions (as early as their freshman year), they gained practical experience that supplemented their academic learning.

Whether working in one of the NASA satellite control centers or development labs, on campus in the Backup Mission Operations Center, or down the road at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 138 students in the SOI program had a direct line into the small, exclusive world of highly qualified aerospace professionals. Capitol Technology University continues to provide this path directly to the NASA community through new programs.

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