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Capitol Technology University is pleased to offer a new series of webinars presented by faculty, alumni, and special guests. Each presenter is an expert in their field. The series, called Cap Tech Talks, is presented monthly during the academic year. All sessions are free and are one hour long. Each session offers a Certificate of Completion. Please join us!

Cap Tech Talks Webinar Series

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Finding Your Scholarly Voice: Using Peer-reviewed Publications to Showcase Your Expertise

Presented By Dr. Darrell Burrell

Data Governance and Compliance in the Ubiquitous Digital World

Presented By Dr. Diane Janosek

2024: A Year of Challenge to Cyber Education in America

Presented By Dr. William Butler

Introduction to Cyberpsychology

Presented By Dr. Mary Aiken

Networking Excellence: Building a Strong Value-Based Network in an Accelerating Digital World

Presented By Dr. David R. Olivencia

Addressing Small Business Cyber Needs in Conjunction with Affordability and Resources

Presented By Kimberly Mentzell

Applying an Enterprise Security Risk Management Framework to Assess Risks in Global Security 

Presented By Dr. Joshua Sinai

The Occupational Safety and Health Emphasis on Mental Well-Being

Presented By Dr. Darin Dillow

A Simple Method of Finding Encryption Vulnerabilities 

Presented By Dr. Rick Hansen

Transformational Leadership: Leading and Following from the Front

Presented By Dr. Reginald Freeman

Physics-Informed Machine Learning: The Next Evolution in Neural Network Development

Presented By Dr. Karriem Perry

Practical Understanding of OSINT Practices and Tools

Presented By Dr. Kellep Charles

Leveraging Technology in a Hybrid Working Environment

Presented By Dr. Dennis Beatty

Drone Action in Ukraine

Presented By Dr. Richard Baker

Tips for Future Career Success in Technology

Presented By Vennard Wright

The Importance of Skills Identification and Communication in Writing a Resume

Presented By Connie Harrington, JCTC, JCDC

Infrastructure: Critical Challenges and Differences between the Private and Public Sectors

Presented By Dr. Nikki Robinson

Cybersecurity Challenges in the Financial Sector

Presented By Dr. Susan Goodwin

Building Relationships to Mitigate Cyber Risk in Aviation

Presented By Steve Luczynski

Maximizing Your Transfer Credit and Apprenticeship Experience to Complete a Degree

Presented By Dr. Bradford Sims

Counterterrorism: Understanding the New Category of Active Threats

Presented by Dr. Joshua Sinai

How to Identify Your Skills and Communicate Them Effectively to Advance Your Career

Presented by Connie Harrington

Banking on Security: Transferring Cybersecurity Culture to SMEs

Presented By Tom Vazdar

Assessing Risk Management in Global Security

Presented By Dr. Joshua Sinai

Cyber Law and Cyber Crime Investigation

Presented By Dr. Ilia Kolochenko

Introduction to Hybrid Quantum-Classical Machine Learning

Presented By Dr. Alexander Perry

Defining the DoD Roadmap to Digital Supremacy by Effectively Adopting Digital Transformation

Presented By Dr. Donovan Wright