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Capitol Tech is Washington D.C.’s premier STEM University – supplying human capital to America’s most technologically advanced government agencies and their private sector supply chains. With an education laser-focused on STEM careers, Capitol Technology University uniquely positions students for top roles in the region’s booming tech hub. 

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Cybersecurity Issues: US Election cyberattacks by foreign entities

cybersecurity professionals protect US election from cyberattacks
Cybersecurity professionals have a daunting task ahead of keeping the upcoming U.S. presidential election safe and secure from foreign hacks and cyberattacks as hackers develop new and innovative ways to target election systems.
cybersecurity challenges in the pandemic

New Cybersecurity Webinars Hosted by Capitol Tech, the NSA, and Maryland’s Cyber-Focused Community Colleges

In celebration of National Cyber Awareness Month, the National Security Agency (NSA), Capitol Technology University (Capitol Tech), Anne Arundel Community College (AACC), Frederick Community College (FCC), and Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) have partnered to create a cyber lecture series, titled “Cyber Challenges in the Pandemic,” focused on informing high school and college students on the importance of cyber security, hygiene, and preparedness.

AI-Enhanced Cyberthreats

Artificial intelligence machine learning
​​​​​​​Artificial Intelligence (AI) has many benefits – a home with smart technology can reduce energy use; AI can help predict disasters, such as the path of wildfires; and enhances automation, making for more streamlined manufacturing. However, AI can also be used for malicious activity, particularly as hackers use the technology to commit bigger and more efficient attacks.

Capitol Tech Celebrates Careers in Construction Month

Careers in Construction Month
​​​​​​​In accordance with the proclamation of October as Careers in Construction Month by Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, Capitol Technology University has pledged to celebrate by bringing awareness to the many job opportunities in one of the United States’ largest industries.

Smart Contract Hacking: What is it and What Does it Affect?

A smart contract is a way to handle business transactions to ensure they are secured, accurate, fast, and cost-effective–all without involving a third party, such as a bank. A smart contract uses a computer program that automatically executes the contract, the specifications of which are written into the program code.

2020 Cyber Awareness Poster Contest

Cybersecurity Awareness Month poster contest
Are you a cybersecurity expert? Or a cybersecurity expert in the making? If you have a passion for cybersecurity and are a current Capitol Technology University student, enter this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month Poster Contest!

Haden Land: A Hispanic STEM Leader and Chairman of Capitol Tech's Board

Haden Land
As many young children did, Haden Land grew up watching NASA’s Apollo Missions, except Land had a particular interest–his father was responsible for the trajectories of the launches. This early access to a STEM began Land’s long and successful career in the T part of STEM.

Seize the Moment: Now is the Time for Women in Cybersecurity

Diane Janosek
A recent report released by the cybersecurity company Mimecast revealed that cybercrime has increased significantly in the midst of the global pandemic. The 48-page report “100 Days of Coronavirus (COVID-19),” released in May 2020, reported an overall increase in cyber-attacks by 33%

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