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The secret to our success is in our award winning faculty. We are pleased to announce that Dr. William (Bill) Butler has won an Award for Outstanding Educator.

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Capitol Tech is Washington D.C.’s premier STEM University – supplying human capital to America’s most technologically advanced government agencies and their private sector supply chains. With an education laser-focused on STEM careers, Capitol Technology University uniquely positions students for top roles in the region’s booming tech hub. 

Highlights @ Capitol Tech

Capitol Tech at DEF CON 30!

Capitol Tech Staff and Students at DEF CON 30

Capitol Technology University is attending DEF CON during its 30th anniversary event starting today, August 11 through Sunday, August 14.

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Dr. Bill Butler to Moderate Military Cyber Panel at DEF CON

On August 11th, Capitol Tech Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. William (Bill) Butler will moderate the 3rd edition of the National Service Panel (NSP), a facilitated discussion hosted by the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) aimed at sharing insights and industry opportunities among national service members.

Exoskeletons: A promising development for construction site safety

construction worker wearing exoskeleton

The construction industry has consistently ranked as one of the most hazardous career fields, with its heavy lifting and reliance on large machinery creating heightened risk for sometimes permanently d

Preparing for the Challenge of Rogue Quantum Computing

closeup of a quantum computer
Four new cryptographic algorithms stand between us .... and them. These four algorithms were recently selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use throughout the United States. They will be standardized in a process that takes up to two years, and then migrated into existing systems for protecting both government and private industry data. The review and evaluation of the algorithms took NIST 6 years to complete.

The (good) Monsters Inside You

Nanorobot latching on to cancer cell
Small robots capable of moving around inside the human body have been developed for some time, and are already in use in multiple capacities. They can deliver some medications and assist in photographing deep recesses of the body, among other tasks. But improvements are needed if they are ever to realize their promise.

Is Tech Employment Drying Up?

man coding on computer screen
Tech is a challenging, demanding career. But, it has its compensations. Tech careers are intellectually rewarding, with constant opportunities to learn new skills. Tech jobs can also be deeply satisfying, offering employees a chance to solve real-world problems and make an impact. And, let’s get real–tech employment is known to be one of the most reliable, predictable sources of well-paid and long-term career opportunities. Serious students mapping their futures often begin and end at the STEM professions–why look any further, when the science and technology fields offer so many lucrative possibilities? Perhaps this is why recent news of tech layoffs and hiring slowdowns have thrown such a chill on the industry. Undergrads and grads alike are wondering: did I choose wrong? Is it too late to correct course? What do I do now?

Major Problems for Microchips

computer chip
The convenience of the modern world largely relies on the small technologies that we never even see—computer chips being one of the prime conductors in devices including cell phones, cars, and medical equipment. Unfortunately, like many products made scarce by the Covid-19 pandemic, computer chips are facing a major shortage, and manufacturers are desperate to find a solution.

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