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Capitol Tech Celebrates Critical Infrastructure Security Month

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Capitol Tech is Washington D.C.’s premier STEM University – supplying human capital to America’s most technologically advanced government agencies and their private sector supply chains. With an education laser-focused on STEM careers, Capitol Technology University uniquely positions students for top roles in the region’s booming tech hub. 

Highlights @ Capitol Tech

The Cybersecurity Staffing Shortage Explained

Cyber security
The global pandemic has resulted in a drastic increase in the number of employees working from home. This situation has led to challenges for cybersecurity staff, who are now having to ensure that employees in a variety of locations are working securely, on top of their standard daily tasks.

The US: Critical Infrastructure, COVID-19, and Terrorism

Water dam critical infrastructure
Today the United States’ critical infrastructure (CI) is under one of the most severe threats since the 1930s Great Depression, caused by the massive disruptions by the COVID-19 pandemic’s mass infections of people who work in and depend on the CI’s 16 sectors.

National Infrastructure Security Month: What Does it Mean?

energy power plant
November is National Infrastructure Security Month. Most people take for granted the infrastructure systems and services that support us – from transportation systems to communications networks to office buildings to concerts. These and more are part of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Microsoft's Underwater Data Center

Data center
Water is likely not the first place you think of for a location of a data center, but that is exactly what Microsoft thought in 2018, when they sunk a data center off the coast of Orkney Islands in Scotland for what they have dubbed Project Natick. The goal of the underwater data center was to determine if being housed in cool temperature can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs that are normally associated with cooling servers on land, reported Rory Cellan-Jones for BBC in 2018.

Q&A: Dr. Ron Martin, Capitol Tech's Professor of Practice in Critical Infrastructure

Dr. Ron Martin critical infrastructure expert
Capitology Blog talked with Dr. Ron Martin, Capitol Tech's Professor of Practice in Critical Infrastructure, Industrial Control System Security, and Access and Identity Management, to discuss critical infrastructure and the importance of celebrating national Critical Infrastructure Security Month.

How To Build A Career In Counterterrorism

counterterrorism professional looking at a computer screen
There are many fields in which someone interested in cyber and information security can pursue a career. One area that is always in demand is counterterrorism.

“Capitolizing” on Classmate Connections

Online group meeting
In today’s online learning environment, it is easy to forget that part of the college experience is to connect with your peers. These connections not only make for a great time today, but they can often turn into future professional connections, as well. Therefore, it is important not to miss the opportunity to make lasting connections with your classmates–even as an online student. Let these 5 tips help you expand your online student network:

Meet Leon Brittain, An Undergrad in Mechatronics Engineering 

Mechatronics Engineering
When Leon Brittain graduated from high school in 2019, he knew he wanted to study electrical and mechanical engineering. A detailed search of post-secondary programs led him to Capitol Technology University’s Mechatronics Engineering program, which allows him to pursue both fields of interest simultaneously.

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