Now projected to take place in Fall 2024

A Fall Festival Celebrating Tech and Talent.

Capitol Technology University is pleased to announce the first annual TechQuinox, a STEM-themed fall extravaganza featuring interactive activities designed by students and alumni. The proceeds from this event will go toward the Annual Fund, which enhances the resources needed to support the University’s activities.

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Activities & Sponsorship

The TechQuinox fall festival is an exciting university benefit event designed to display our students’ creative innovations around a fall theme, raise funds to supplement the university’s resources, and gather alumni and the community. Your support and sponsorship are integral to making this event a success!

Sponsors will be connected with teams and have the chance to offer advice and guidance as the project develops, which is a great opportunity to make a direct connection with STEM students. Sponsors will be recognized in all event marketing and at event day activity stations. Sponsors also have the opportunity to share more about their organization with our alumni, students and families by having a booth at our Friends and Sponsors Fair.

Five Great Events, One Giant Party

  • “The Great Pumpkin” Laser Carving Contest & Auction
  • “Apples Away!” Pneumatic Apple-Cannon Contest
  • “Quest for the Golden Pumpkin” NFC Treasure Hunt
  • “Jack-O’-Lantern Jackpot” Drone Drop
  • “Ginormous Charger Bonfire” Raffle

Apples Away

Pneumatic Apple-Cannon Contest

Pneumatic Apple-Cannon Contest

The ultimate battle royale among students, this high-adrenaline event will feature student-designed pneumatic cannons capable of precisely blasting apples up to 200 yards. Students will compete in small teams to hit targets and score points. The student team that earns the most points will win scholarship funds.


Interested in helping bring the apple cannon game to fruition? We are seeking sponsors to meet our fundraising goal! Contact to discuss these opportunities.

Apples Away 12000

Lead Sponsor

Become the Lead Sponsor of this activity and earn naming rights for the whole game!

Apples Away 5000

Team Sponsor

Sponsor an individual team for Apples Away and earn the naming rights for that team as well as the opportunity to work directly with our students during the game! Great choice for alumni who want to better acquaint their employers with the University.

Apples Away 15 or 20

Individual Apple Shots

All TechQuinox attendees will have the opportunity to purchase apples to launch in the student cannons! Grab those apples and make ‘em kiss the sky!

The Great Pumpkin

Laser Carving Contest & Auction

A group of Capitol students and their sponsors will work with local tattoo artists to create unique, eye-catching designs to be carved into hollow polyurethane pumpkins. The fun part? This artwork will be carved with lasers programmed by our students! The pumpkins will be displayed and TechQuinox attendees will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite pumpkin, AKA the “Best of the Patch.”

The student who carves the winning pumpkin will receive a scholarship, and the pumpkins will be auctioned off as a beautiful seasonal keepsake and reminder of Capitol student brilliance.


Carve out your role in this event by being a sponsor! Contact to discuss these opportunities.

Great Pumpkin 10000

Lead Sponsor

Become the Lead Sponsor of this activity and earn naming rights for the whole game!

Great Pumpkin 2000

Student & Artist Sponsor

Become the Student/Artist sponsor for an individual pumpkin and earn the naming right for that pumpkin, in addition to the opportunity to participate in the Sponsors’ Fair!

Great Pumpkin 1000


Are you a local tattoo artist seeking a new clientele? Lend your time and creative vision to this activity and earn a $1,000 stipend!

Great Pumpkin 100

Silent Auction Bid

TechQuinox attendees are invited to bid on the completed pumpkin designs in our silent auction. Purchase one of these beautiful pumpkins for a unique piece of home decor!

Quest For The Golden Pumpkin

NFC Treasure Hunt

Ten pumpkins will be hidden around campus each with an RFID tag and a clue to the location of the next pumpkin. The sequence of clues leads competitors to the Golden Pumpkin, whose tag is programmed to read “You Win!” to only the first team to reach it. All others receive a consolation message.


Hunting for a way to contribute to this event? You have lots of great options! Contact to discuss these opportunities.

Quest Pumpkin 10000

Lead Sponsor

Become the Lead Sponsor of this activity and earn naming rights for the whole game.

Golden Pumpkin 1000

Clue Sponsor

Sponsor one of the pumpkins containing clues for the treasure hunt and stuff it with great swag for the lucky finders to keep. A great way to build brand recognition for your company!

Golden Pumpkin 50

Team & Sponsor Participant

Want to join the fun? For a small donation of $50, you can work alongside students on one of the teams and help them locate clues leading to the Golden Pumpkin.

Ginormous Charger Bonfire


The culminating activity of the evening, a 25-ft wooden sculpture of our Charger horse mascot will be set ablaze in a dazzling spectacle. The sculpture will be remotely ignited through SMS messaging, set off by one lucky guest chosen via raffle. Each TechQuinox attendee will be automatically entered in the raffle upon purchasing their $100 entry ticket, and the winner will receive a text with instructions on how to light the fire.


Want to help make the future brighter for Capitol Tech students? Here’s how! Contact to discuss these opportunities.

Chargers Bonfire 7500

Lead Sponsor

Become the Lead Sponsor of this activity and earn naming rights for the whole game!


Drone Drop

In this high-stakes, thrilling event, a student-piloted drone clutching a large rubber jack-o’-lantern will hover high above Innovators Field. As spectators 100 feet below watch with bated breath, the drone will drop the pumpkin onto a 40-ft square grid, where it will come to rest on one of 100 sectioned-off squares within the grid. Donors will have the opportunity to pre-purchase any of these 100 squares before the activity, and whoever owns the square where the jack-o’-lantern lands will win a cash prize based on the number of squares claimed and up to $5,000.


Don’t drop the ball on your chance to win big and help a worthy cause! Here’s how to get in the running:

Lantern Jackpot 7500

Lead Sponsor

Become the Lead Sponsor of this activity and earn naming rights for the whole game!

Lantern Jackpot 500

Single Square

Purchase any unoccupied square on the grid and receive a flag with your name on it to mark your section. This secures your chance to win the $5000 grand prize!

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