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Capitol Tech Creates a New Pathway to a PhD

At Capitol Technology University, students have the choice of 18 different doctorate degrees to match their career needs. Each doctoral degree is STEM-based and is designed for industrial needs and each course is taught by faculty who are world-wide experts. 

Every year Capitol Tech's faculty and Department Chairs give keynote speeches all over the world at international conferences. Through the doctoral degree process, students can complete their PhD using three avenues: thesis, publication, or dissertations. To assist doctoral students, who are often working around other personal obligations including work and family, Capitol Tech accepts up to 42 transfer credits.

Traditionally, students need a master’s degree to enroll in doctorate studies, but we have developed an alternative direction. Students are able to register for the Combination Program PhD in Technology with Master of Science (MS) in Research Methods which provides students the opportunity to earn a master’s degree while the completing their doctorate. The MS portion of the program is an asynchronous 30 credit degree divided into 5 courses. These courses prepare students with a bachelor’s degree for doctoral level studies, work, and research.

At the end of the spring 2020 term, the first student enrolled in the Combination Program completed their MS. Now this student has completed their first PhD course. Our second successful student finished their master’s degree in the summer 2020 semester and is now registered for their first doctoral class.

This new combination program is now a proven and direct path to bridge the gap between bachelor’s and doctoral knowledge. This stream of study removes the burden on students to find and complete an approved master’s degree before enrolling in a PhD course. No GRE, no twin application. Take the direct route and complete your master’s and doctoral degree at Capitol Technology University. 

For more information on this program, directly contact Ian McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral Programs or contact Capitol Tech’s admissions department to see how you can enroll in the program today.