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The Sun Never Sets on Capitol Tech: Growing the Doctoral Program

Since arriving at Capitol Technology University in 2017, President Bradford Sims PhD, has implemented his vision for the university by incorporating innovation at all degree levels, fields of study, and delivery methods for Capitol Tech’s signature future-focused education.

“Expanding Capitol Tech’s online learning by offering rigorous and engaging content in an asynchronous format will provide opportunity to those who cannot access the traditional model of learning,” said President Sims during his investiture on April 20, 2018. “Asynchronous learning will make degrees more available to our active military, working adults, and young people with career and family responsibilities that make a campus education inaccessible to them.”

Since his investiture, Capitol Tech’s degrees have been heralded with national awards and recognition, the impact of faculty has expanded to the global stage, Fulbright Scholars seek out the institution, and the university has become a leader in online education.

Currently, Capitol Tech offers 16 primarily online doctoral degrees, 12 of which were added recently in emerging fields such as Critical Infrastructure, Quantum Computing, and Emergency and Protective Services. This past academic year alone has yielded almost 50 doctorate completions.

“The most rewarding thing is for a student to walk into a room to defend their work, and then come out with the title “doctor.” It is a journey that takes you from being a professionally qualified person to someone who is at the leading edge of knowledge in their area,” said Dr. Ian McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral programs at Capitol Technology University. “At Capitol, for instance, we are producing doctoral graduates who are working at the forefront of STEM research, whether it’s in cybersecurity, business analytics, unmanned systems, or other areas.”

Another significant development under Dr. Sims leadership, has been the increased worldwide outreach of Capitol Tech’s research footprint. In only three years the institution has disseminated research completed by faculty or students, delivered keynote speeches at international conferences, and examined PhD research in 29 different countries. A substantial achievement in any measure and highlights the commitment to research on the international stage.

Capitol Tech's Global Research Footprint
Capitol Tech's Global Research Footprint from 2017-2020

“I am invited to about twelve conferences annually as a conference chair or keynote speaker; my most recent have been in China and Berlin.  It is partly a result of my longevity as a researcher in my field; I like to think it also reflects the quality of the research I have been doing, and my commitment to research generally,” said Dr. McAndrew. “Capitol is becoming a university with a global outlook and global reach. The conferences I chair are very well-aligned with the doctoral programs that we offer, and we want people with similar areas of academic focus to know we are here.”

With more doctorate degrees planned and Capitol Tech’s research outreach growing, find out how you can join this success by enrolling in one of the institution’s 16 innovative doctoral programs, joining research efforts, or becoming a faculty member to advance your field of interest.