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Celebrating National Video Game Day

September 12, 2021

Whether you celebrate National Video Game Day on July 8 or today, September 12 (or both!)1,2, Capitol Technology University is celebrating video games and players everyday by pressing play on the new Esports department.

The Esports Department and the university’s new academic programs revolving around gaming such as the Bachelor’s Degree in Esports Management, Esports and Gaming Administration Minor, and Game Development Minor, were revealed earlier this year as Capitol Tech recognized the growing interest in gaming and opportunities for careers in this field.

"Esports gives Capitol that competitive, teamwork element that it's been missing,” said Elliot Ownbey, a senior Cyber & Information Security major who is on Capitol Tech’s Apex Legends team and also monitors the university’s official Esports discord. “It helps bring the student body together and is a great way to get involved on campus.”

In addition to the benefits these programs provide current students, the opportunity to study a subject of interest for prospective students and the availability to enter an in-demand career field for graduates.

In 2020 alone, China and the United States reportedly earned $40.85 billion and $36.92 billion in revenue respectively1, which isn’t a surprise as 65% of adults in the United States reported playing a game on at least one platform and around half of the U.S. population play some kind of digital game with the number only expected to grow in the coming years2,3,4. To support the number of growing gamers, the number of people with careers in gaming is also on the rise, according to the research firm, IBISWorld5.

For those with hopes of entering the video game industry, there are numerous jobs available to suit any number of interests and talents. One of the more well-known titles in this industry is Game Designer. A Game Designer is responsible for developing overarching ideas for the plot of a game including characters and on average earns almost $130,000 a year according to ZipRecruiter7. Once a Game Designer has developed the big-ideas of a game, software developers, who earn an average of $97,781 a year8, and computer programmers, who earn $89,190 a year9, begin to build software and code that make the Designer’s ideas a playable reality6. Audio Engineers, who earn over $53,000 annually10, create sounds using computers and other devices to make video games immersive6. Other options for those who want to break into the industry are animators, writers, testers, and translators, among many others6.

While careers options grow in the gaming industry, Capitol Tech is also increasing the options available for students. In a few short months, the university will open a dedicated Esports lab for competitive gamers who play a myriad of esports on the university’s teams. For more information of Capitol Tech’s growing Esports Department, check out tomorrow’s interview with Jack Harrison, the Assistant Director of Esports and Competitive Activities.

If you’re interested in the BS in Esports Management or the Minor in Game Development or  Esports and Gaming Administration contact or find the admissions counselor for your area here.


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