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Biggest Industrial Robotics Employers for Mechatronics Engineers

mechatronics engineering careers in industrial robotics

With a degree in mechatronics engineering or robotics engineering, new graduates will have the opportunity to apply to numerous positions in a variety of industries. One of the largest areas in which mechatronics and robotics experience is needed is in the field of industrial robotics. 

The following companies offer career paths for entry level through senior management for those with a passion for mechatronics.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric, though headquartered in Japan, has thirteen locations in the United States. With over 145,000 employees worldwide, the company produces a large number of technologies from controllers to industrial robots. The MELFA and MELFA FR are two industrial robots used for complex assembly, food handling, and high-speed electric parts handling and assembling in a growing number of production facilities.


Omron Industrial Automation produces a variety of robot arms, robot controllers, and vision systems for production lines and is viewed as a leader in industrial automation and safety solutions. Founded in Japan, Omron also has American headquarters in Illinois. With over 36,000 employees worldwide, the company focuses on “fully integrated automation solutions that include sensing, control, safety, vision, motion, robotics and more.” The company produces products for the automotive, entertainment, oil and gas, and machine tool industries.


You may associate Epson with the printer in your home, but their Industrial Robots division has been providing robotic solutions for over 35 years. The SCARA and 6-Axis series of robots are used in manufacturing facilities around the world. Epson offers over 300 models of the SCARA robot to fit a variety of manufacturing and industrial needs and is the #1 SCARA manufacturer in the world. The 6-Axis series is designed to be smaller and work in confined spaces.


Kawasaki Robotics provides industrial robots to aerospace, automotive, electronics, metal, plastics, and rubber manufacturing facilities. Producing industrial robots for over 50 years, Kawasaki offers a variety of robots for assembly, cleanroom, material handling, painting, and palletizing. The company was awarded the best “Large Overall Company” by the Best of MichBusiness, which recognizes companies and individuals that make Michigan a top-notch place to do business.


Founded in 1892, Stäubli, headquartered in Switzerland, has locations in three US states. Marketed as a mechatronics solutions provider, the company provides robotics for several industries, including automotive, food, medical, plastics, and cleanroom. Stäubli manufactures SCARA and 6-Axis robots, while also offering multiple solutions for robots that work in conjunction with humans (cobots) and mobile robot systems. 

Other leading global industrial robotics companies include ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB), headquartered in Switzerland and Yaskawa, also headquartered in Japan.

Capitol Tech students take courses like ROB-300, Industrial Robotics, which covers the principles and techniques involved in industrial robotics, including industrial robot applications, analysis of robot manipulators, components of industrial robots, robot programming and control. Students explore the use of robotics and machine learning in the efficiency of industrial processes.

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