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New to Capitol: M.Res. in Cyberpsychology

June 22, 2021

At Capitol Technology University, we are delighted to share that in Fall 2021 we will be offering a Master’s of Research degree in Cyberpsychology. Your master's degree in this fascinating, highly in-demand subject can be completed 100% online from anywhere in the world.

A Master’s of Research is a unique degree consisting of 30 credits divided into 5 courses and designed for research-focused professionals who want to explore a specific subject in-depth.This program is open to those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree who are curious about graduate research in their area of study, as well as PhD holders in Cybersecurity or Psychology who wish to bridge the gap in their knowledge.

So, why cyberpsychology? This new field of study is being recognized worldwide as critical to the protection of nations, companies, and individuals. What makes a person want to be a cyber criminal and how do you identify the traits at an early stage? How do you protect systems from attacks caused by human factors? All of these areas warrant research, and your research can be specific, general, or balanced between these. Research helps cyber experts and psychologists to merge their skillsets and advance the subject.

In this degree program, you will study the principles, ethics, planning, and research fundamentals in the first two courses. The final three courses will be where you develop, plan, undertake and present a major research problem under the guidance of a research committee. Your thesis will be the completion of 18 credit hours of directed research.

This exciting degree is unique in that no other Master's of Research in Cyberpsychology currently exists in the United States. Not only will you receive a master's degree specific to your research interests, but you will also have the opportunity to advance in this field, as this program directly leads into several PhD options. Cyberpsychology department chair, Dr. Mary Aiken, is the world leader and recognized research expert needed to champion the subject, and she is thrilled for this program to begin in Fall 2021.