New Marine Corps Software Factory Previews the Future of War

May 2, 2023

The United States Marine Corps has taken a step toward future readiness by launching its own software factory. As global militaries continue to advance technologically, particularly in areas like artificial intelligence and cloud computing, future wars are expected to be more disconnected and ambiguous. The U.S. must be prepared for these new battlefields, and the Marine Corps Software Factory is a crucial step in ensuring the U.S. retains its position as a world leader. 

The Factory will help create a world-class Marine-led software development capability. It is designed to prepare Marines with the coding skills needed to develop software quickly and efficiently, including in the field without more centralized support, to advance mission objectives and strategic needs. Ultimately, these software developers will be tasked to rapidly prototype and build solutions anytime and anywhere in ways that enhance mission preparedness and create tactical advantages in intelligence, reconnaissance, and combat. 

The Factory, which launched on March 10, is a three-year pilot program co-located with the Army Software Factory in Austin, Texas. To enroll in the Factory, Marines must navigate a rigorous application process, one that evaluates both technical skills and interpersonal traits like maturity and emotional intelligence. By 2026, the Corps plans to support more than 50 Marines annually. 

In the three-year program, selected Marines will spend the first year learning coding foundations and the next two years working alongside industry experts to develop solutions to real problems faced by the Corps. Marines who complete the path will receive the Military Occupational Specialty of Application Developer. 

The effort, in part, aims to support the Department of Defense’s initiative to create a stronger pipeline of internal talent. After seeing the success of the Army Software Factory launched in 2020 –– and seeing the impact that Ukraine’s hundreds of thousands of software developers are having in the country’s war with Russia –– the Marine Corps hopes to build similar success. 

The U.S. Marine Corps Software Factory is a critical step in preparing Marines to create applications that can be built and unleashed immediately. These efforts will enhance coordination with and supplement work done by external contractors, while also providing relevant career development and expanded professional opportunities as the Marine Corps continues to modernize its operations. 


Supporting Veterans and Active-Duty Military at Capitol Tech 

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