Why Veterans Should Consider an Online Construction Management Degree

May 12, 2020
a man in a suit and hard hat stands with a clipboard demonstrating the value of a construction management degree for veterans

Veterans are equipped with a number of skills learned from their years of military training and experience, many of which are in high demand within the construction industry. According to the USG Corporation and US Chamber of Commerce, 94% of contractors report at least moderate levels of difficulty in finding skilled workers. Veterans pursuing a degree in construction management will find a multitude of career options available to them.

As reported in a Balfour Beatty article earlier this year, “As the labor shortage persists, veterans are taking center stage as a pool of talent rich in the skillsets needed for successful construction careers.”

Balfour reports that finding a job, particularly one that applies military-learned skills, is one of the greatest difficulties veterans face. Meanwhile, leadership, management skills, and complex problem solving were all mentioned as key skills held by veterans that are directly applicable to the construction industry.

“The construction industry has always attracted veterans, and it is a source of pride for our industry that so many veterans choose construction careers,” says the article.

The Associated General Contractors of America list hiring veterans as a best practice for industry recruiting. “Business leaders looking to hire driven, team-oriented people would be wise to tap into the many resources that are available to employers looking to hire transitioning veterans,” says the AGC website. AGC supports employing former veterans in construction by partnering with organizations such as Hiring Our Heroes and Helmets to Hardhats

In addition to best utilizing those skills developed by a military career, careers in construction also offer personal benefits.

“Military personnel are highly trained professionals with a clear understanding of the purpose of their mission,” says the Balfour article. “Veterans transitioning to civilian life, however, can struggle to find a new sense of purpose.”

Construction management not only fulfill this purpose, but does so in a field that has a strong sense of belonging and community, similar to that of the military. Additional advantages include high pay, good benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

Online construction management degrees, such as Capitol Tech’s online Bachelor’s in Construction Management and Critical Infrastructure, take a veteran’s existing skills to the next level. With a focus in construction management, veterans are positioned for careers as superintendents, project managers, estimators, construction managers, safety directors, and risk managers.

Capitol Tech also offers online construction management degrees that focus on  IT, cybersecurity, and unmanned autonomous systems, allowing for veterans with experience and interest in a wide variety of construction management positions to pursue education that best fits their career goals.

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