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Make This Saturday a Cyber Saturday!

Capitol’s Cyber Lab is excited to present the latest in a series of special events, dubbed Cyber Saturdays, designed for students and young people with an interest in computers, coding, gaming and cybersecurity.

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

Covering the financial costs of a university education can be tough, but a scholarship can go a long way towards easing the burden.

Cybersecurity at Capitol: what’s new in 2016

A decade and a half ago, a small college in Laurel, MD launched one of the nation’s first programs in cybersecurity.

Be on the Alert for Holiday Cybercrime, Urges Professor

It’s that time of year -- holiday season. That also means cybercrime season. Black hat hackers are on the prowl as we approach the busiest shopping season of the year.

Making the move: why Capitol is the best choice for wireless professionals seeking cybersecurity expertise

Wireless communications professionals with an interest in gaining cybersecurity expertise had the opportunity at last month’s IWCE Expo to learn about the programs and resources available

Faculty Profile: Eric Sabbah, PhD

Not many small children would willingly forego birthday parties, but that’s exactly what Eric Sabbah did in exchange for his first computer.

A Match for Da Vinci?

As a former teacher in the Maryland public schools, I helped to administer the annual IQ tests to hundreds of children in my 14-year-career.  “Administered” is somewhat of a misnomer, because I simply monitored the 120 or so 4th

For library director Rick Sample, it’s the students that count

“Libraries, to a librarian, are always personal,” says Rick Sample, director of library services and information literacy.

Navigating finals week: Capitol professors weigh in

Finals week is a time that, for many students, brings a sense of trepidation.

Capitol Launches Programs to Meet Industry Analytics Demand

The Capitol community recently welcomed SAS representatives to our campus for a special event on Friday (November 3).