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Frisbee Golf at Capitol!

If you’ve been out and about on the Capitol campus recently, you may have noticed green, yellow or red ribbon wrapped around some of the trees. Some new wooden posts have also been set up. What is this all about?

What do All Those Acronyms Mean?! Understanding Unmanned Systems

UAVs, ROVs, UUSs, RPAs: How do unmanned systems experts keep it all straight?

Why Do Geeks Golf?

By Dr. Michael T. Wood, President, Capitol Technology UniversityThey don’t need GPS to figure yardage to the hole.

Student team unveils “Capcade”

Capitol’s student center is becoming home to a full size arcade console, thanks to a group of enterprising students.

Q&A: Dr. Joanne Smikle, Associate Professor

Dr. Joanne L. Smikle is an acclaimed consultant, author and speaker – and now also an associate professor at Capitol Technology University.

Learn blockchain fundamentals at Capitol Cyber Saturday on April 14

Interest in blockchain has escalated -- and the immediate reason isn't hard to pinpoint.

Capitol’s new chief academic officer, Dr. Helen G. Barker: “We’re at an exciting juncture for the university”

Since coming to Capitol in 2000, Dr. Helen G. Barker has served the university in many capacities: first as an adjunct professor, then as a member of the full-time faculty, and subsequently as academic dean.

Broadband for All: Capitol Career Conference Highlights OneWeb Mission

Building global internet access is an endeavor that betters the lives of billions, and the global communications firm OneWeb is helping to spearhead the effort.

Puente Library: extending Capitol’s community engagement

Maintaining a connection with the community is vital for any university, including Capitol.

Job tips, experiences shared at alumni-student event

Students have many questions as they plan their career path. What does an employer look for? What makes a resume stand out? Once hired, what are the demands, expectations and standards for success within a particular field?