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Earn a Bachelor of Science in Data Science, protect the world’s most critical data

In the modern digital age, data has become an integral part of human life. From social media platforms to financial institutions, healthcare systems to e-commerce, data is continuously generated and consumed in immense volumes. As we enter the era of big data and artificial intelligence, one field has emerged from the shadows to the forefront of the job market: Data Science. A Bachelor of Science in Data Science is becoming an increasingly attractive choice for young people deciding their career paths. Here's why.

A High Demand Field

Firstly, the demand for data scientists is skyrocketing. The Harvard Business Review famously labeled Data Science as the "sexiest job of the 21st century" back in 2012, and since then, the demand for data scientists has only grown. According to a report by IBM, jobs in data science and analytics are projected to grow by nearly 28% by 2024. The explosion of big data and companies' need to make sense of it all have turned data scientists into corporate rock stars.

Competitive Salary

High demand also means high salaries. Data scientists often enjoy competitive compensation packages, well above average, especially for those with the right skills and experience. Glassdoor's report from 2021 placed the average data scientist's salary at around $113,000 in the United States, and it's likely to have increased since then.

A Versatile Degree

A Bachelor of Science in Data Science is not only about numbers and algorithms, it's also about providing you with a comprehensive understanding of various industries. This degree equips you with skills that are transferable across multiple sectors, making you a valuable asset in any industry, from technology to healthcare, finance to entertainment. The skills and techniques taught in a Data Science program, such as machine learning, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling, can be applied to solve real-world problems in various contexts.

Challenging and Fulfilling Work

Data science is not just a lucrative career; it's also intellectually stimulating. It involves solving complex problems, predicting trends, and making informed decisions that can change the trajectory of a business or even an entire industry. It is a field where you can genuinely make a difference.

The Future is Data-Driven

Lastly, the future is undeniably data-driven. Every industry is becoming more reliant on data to make decisions. Data scientists play a key role in this transformation, helping companies understand their customers better, improve their products and services, and ultimately gain a competitive edge in the market.

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Science in Data Science program is an investment in your future. It provides a robust foundation for further specializations and prepares you for a world that is increasingly relying on data to navigate its complexities.

While it is a demanding field, requiring a strong foundation in mathematics, statistics, and programming, the rewards are worth the effort. Data science is a field that offers not only a promising career but also a chance to be at the forefront of the technological revolution, translating data into actionable insights that drive decision-making and innovation.

If you are a problem-solver at heart, have an affinity for numbers, and are intrigued by the power of data, a Bachelor of Science in Data Science might just be the perfect career path for you. It’s more than just a degree; it’s a ticket to the future.

Earn your degree in the heart of one of the world’s most important technology hubs surrounded by world-renowned government agencies, tech company headquarters and key technology users in government, healthcare, defense, space and professional services.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in data science provides the key preparation for a career as a data scientist or machine learning engineer:

  • Machine learning engineer–average base pay, $147,3001, ranked 1st on "Best Jobs in the US" List2
  • Data scientist median base pay, $131,0002, ranked 1st on "Best Jobs in America" List3
  • Computer vision engineer–average base pay, $158,3002
  • Semiconductor engineer–average base salary $150,600 (in CA)1
  • Data engineer–median base pay, $131,6731 ranked 8th on "Best Jobs in America" List3
  • Enterprise architect–median base pay $122,5854

1. Indeed salaries, 2020
2. Indeed 2019 Best Jobs in US List
3. Glassdoor’s 2019 50 Best Jobs in America
4. Salary based upon 2019 Glassdoor salary data

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