Camilo Joya Diaz

Camilo Joya Diaz Faculty Profile



Camilo Joya Diaz is from Germantown, MD. He was a Professor of Mathematics from 2014 - 2024. Now Camilo is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Capitol Technology University where he has been since 2022.



University of Maryland
College Park, MD
Bachelors Mechanical Engineering Concentration in Control Systems

Morgan State University Baltimore, MD
Masters Mathematics Spectral Theory of the Discrete Schrodinger Operator

Previous to Capitol Technology University Camilo was a Math Professor at 4 other colleges. He was an Earth Sciences Statistician for NASA. He was also a Plant Engineer for UPS where his priority was conveyor belt maintenance.

Camilo created a website called Algebra Maker. It offers math exercises that can be randomly generated with answers. The goal of the website was to offer free and simple math practice in a wide range of subjects from Arithmetic to Calculus to graduate level mathematics. One of those graduate level math exercises is in the area of Simplicial Complexes. Camilo is proud to say that his website Algebra Maker is the only resource in the world that provides automated practice problems in the area of Simplicial Complexes with answers too.

In his free time Camilo dabbles in Math and Physics. In 2023 he gave a presentation at Montgomery College titled “Topology Meets Prime Numbers in Google Sheets”. The presentation discusses how he was able to automate beginner level problems in Point Set Topology using Prime Numbers within Google Sheets with hopes of including it in his website Algebra Maker. The goal was to make advanced math like Topology more accessible to practice for less experienced math learners.