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Predictions on the state of data in 2021

May 24, 2021
From visiting social media platforms, doing Google searches, checking email, and more, think about how much data you transmit over the web in a day – explore these predictions and more about the state of data in 2021.

Data analytics thought leader Dr. Herman Felder brings his expertise to STEM education

April 6, 2020
As Chief Data Architect at Information International Associates, Dr. Herman Felder works to innovate complex solutions for data analytics and also brings his expertise to STEM education at Capitol Tech.

Top 5 Entry-Level Analyst Careers

September 4, 2018
In our data driven world, analytics experts are a critical part of any good modern day business. Read more to find out the various analytics career specializations that are most in demand.

Cyber Analytics Careers: Who’s Hiring?

August 7, 2018
Cyber Analytics is a swiftly growing field that melds cybersecurity with sophisticated data analysis tools and skills. With a degree in this area which companies should you be looking to build a career?

To Make the Most of Big Data…Visualize it!

July 19, 2018
Where there is data, there is a need for visual aids that can help us readily make sense of it. Consider the following examples:

How business and data analytics is changing the transportation industry

May 22, 2018
Every time you fly on a plane or check into a hotel, you generate data – information that can, in theory, help companies beat their competitors while providing customers a richer, more personalized experience.