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CapTech Talks: explore frontiers of data science with Dr. Herman Felder

What is data science, and where is it going?

What are the potential benefits to businesses and organizations, and what constraints are preventing them from realizing those benefits? Are there solutions that can help them overcome these constraints?

Dr. Herman Felder

On Friday, February 8 join analytics guru Dr. Herman Felder for a lunchtime online talk and learn how organizations are using the Kubernetes container orchestration system in combination with the Docker platform in order to scale their analytics applications to enterprise level.

Felder will be the second featured speaker in a new series of monthly online talks, called CapTech Talks.

“Data science is the application of mathematics and algorithms to solve questions about a particular data set. A data scientist has to be able to ascertain the value or importance of data in a given set, “ Felder explains. “There are many different companies that offer products that will allow users to run data analytics on particular data sets.”

“However, companies are having issues running these applications at scale. Sometimes the problem is limited resources; other times there is a lack of personnel with the knowledge needed to do so.”

Pairing up Kubernetes and Docker to run containerized applications is proving to be a viable solution, Felder says. He’ll provide more detail during his talk, which will take place at noon via Capitol Tech’s live, virtual classroom platform. To attend, simply click here at the time of the talk. 

When the new page populates, enter as guest and type in your name.  Click "enter room," and you will be taken to the lunchtime chatroom. Advance registration is preferred, though not required: to register, go to

 The monthly CapTech Talks series features a variety of subject matter experts, addressing topics of interest in fields such as computer science, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, analytics, management of technology, and engineering. “At Capitol Tech, our strength is in our programs,” says Meghan Young, director of admissions. “Our CapTech Talks will provide a venue for exploring topics of interest in fields related to the programs we offer.”

The sessions are interactive, Young says. “Our speakers will provide the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion – but it’s also fine to just listen in.”

Want more information? Contact the admissions department at or phone 1-800-950-1992.