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Degree Spotlight: D.B.A. in Supply Chain Management

January 14, 2022

In a move that demonstrates continuous adaptability and clever strategic positioning in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Capitol Tech has added another new opportunity for students to solidify their financial futures and ensure their employability. Business-minded professionals seeking to boost their careers in a rapidly-growing industry can now enroll in Capitol's new Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) in Supply Chain Management program.

Geared toward students in the field wishing to grow and develop their skills, the D.B.A. in Supply Chain Management will offer the opportunity to conduct long-term research in high-level circumstances, helping to to make a difference in their organization and build up their reputation.

Lead by Dr. Ian McAndrew and Dr. Juanita Butler, the new degree will prepare students for technical executive and senior-level positions in commercial companies as well as local, state and federal government. It will also teach students advanced knowledge of supply chain concepts, equipping them with the tools they need to work their way up and serve as top industry leaders.

According to the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), “[a] supply chain is the entire process of making and selling commercial goods, including every stage from the sourcing of materials and the manufacture of the goods through to their distribution and sale.”

It’s an invaluable industry to the public—so much so that it has received almost no negative impact from the pandemic.

A study conducted by the ASCM revealed that “Nearly all supply chain professionals (95%) kept their jobs during the pandemic,” with “workloads increas(ing) and a greater need for risk management, digital supply chain and leadership expertise.” Supply chain work is in such a demand to be filled, most seeking a job in the industry can land a position within one month of searching. With Capitol Tech's historically excellent career placement rate at many big-name, reputable employers, this degree can very quickly lead into many long and successful professional endeavors.

Such valued work does not go unrewarded. The ASCM states that “The median salary for supply chain professionals is $86,000 annually… A typical starting salary for individuals entering the supply chain field is $60,000.”

This bright industry outlook coupled with Capitol's excellent course curriculum and brilliant educators makes the D.B.A. in Supply Chain Management a wise choice for those seeking upward growth in a stable career.

Students enrolled in this enriching program will have two ways to complete the degree. They can either choose the traditional dissertation route where they will produce, present, and defend a doctoral dissertation after receiving the required approvals from their Committee and PhD Review Boards, or they may elect to go with a publication option, where they will produce, present, and defend doctoral research that is published as articles (3 required) in high-impact journals identified by the university and the student’s Committee. Students must receive the required approvals from their Committee and the PhD Review Board prior to publication.

 For more information about this highly practical degree in a critical and growing industry, please contact