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Why Students Should Consider Mechatronics


why students should consider mechatronics engineering

Capitology Blog spoke with Dr. Nayef Abu-Ageel about the university’s mechatronics bachelor’s degree programs: Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Technology and Mechatronics Engineering. Capitol Tech added degrees in mechatronics in 2018.

Mechatronics degree programs focus on combining various engineering fields, including electrical, computer, mechanical, control, and telecommunications, with robotics and cybersecurity. Students pursuing these degrees can find careers in robotics, aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

Nayef Abu-Ageel

Dr. Abu-Ageel is the chair of the electrical engineering department at Capitol Tech. Dr. Abu-Ageel holds a Ph.D. from Michigan State University, an MS from Jordan University of Science and Technology and a BS from Yarmouk University. He has been with Capitol Tech since January 2016.

What types of high school students should consider a degree in mechatronics?

Anyone who likes robotics or has an interest in robotics, this would be a great degree for them. Also, any students with a strong background in math and science, particularly physics. If students like math and physics this is an area that they should look at closely. It offers a lot of opportunities to learn mechanical engineering and electrical engineering with crossover in other areas of study.

What are the benefits of obtaining a degree in mechatronics?

It’s a degree that opens up a lot of doors in so many fields. You can work in automation, factories that make equipment, or in industry where equipment is being maintained, within government – it has a huge range of opportunities.

What makes Capitol Tech’s mechatronics programs unique?

There are not many mechatronics programs in the area, and even fewer that are located at a university where all the programs are technical, which is an advantage. Students at Capitol Tech have many opportunities to interact with other programs, such as computer engineering, astronautical engineering, and cybersecurity.

How does Capitol Tech assist with mechatronics internships and job placement?

We facilitate internships for students through letters of recommendation and the career center. There are also career fairs twice a year on campus to help students get internships in their field of study. (Capitol Tech also offers the Capitol Commitment, where if students don’t receive a job offer within 90 days of graduation, they can continue to take courses for free.)

What changes do you see occurring within the field of mechatronics in the future?

I think there will be more of a push toward automation. As companies move operations back to the US that will lead to more automation within the factories. They’re not going to do it the same old way. There is a boom in automation within industry. Automation is going to keep growing until it is a part of every field.

Would those with military experience be a good fit for mechatronics?

Absolutely. If someone is already in the military or a veteran and they want to focus on engineering, this is an area that they should consider.

Can students currently studying engineering or other degrees at Capitol Tech switch to a mechatronics degree program?

If current students have an interest in mechatronics, they could pursue one of these degrees. The program is open to current students with appropriate levels of math and science skills.

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