Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Technology

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Earn a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, Boost Your Career With In-Demand Expertise

Why a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology is a Stepping Stone to Success

In an era where innovation and technology dominate virtually every sector, it's no surprise that a career in engineering technology holds enormous appeal. A Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology (BSET) is one of the most comprehensive degree programs that offers a solid foundation for those looking to shape the future. Pursuing a BSET degree can be a rewarding path leading to diverse career prospects, financial security, and the opportunity to contribute to society's advancement.

Unleashing Your Potential in a Dynamic Field

Engineering technology is an amalgamation of the principles of engineering, applied sciences, and technology. This field is not merely about understanding theories or mathematical models; instead, it emphasizes practical applications and design implementation. This hands-on approach makes a BSET degree unique and tailored to the needs of the 21st-century industry.

With a BSET degree, students gain a practical, problem-solving skill set that is highly sought after by employers. They learn to conceptualize, design, implement, and optimize systems and technologies that form the backbone of modern society. This degree program offers specialization options in diverse areas such as electrical, mechanical, civil, industrial, or computer engineering technology. This flexibility allows students to focus on areas that resonate with their interests and career aspirations.

Extensive Career Opportunities

The engineering technology field is booming, and with a BSET degree, graduates have access to a broad range of lucrative career options. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for engineering technologists is expected to grow steadily, with certain specializations projected to see even higher growth rates.

Graduates can work in various sectors, including manufacturing, product design, aerospace, telecommunications, civil infrastructure, and renewable energy. They can take on roles such as Engineering Technologists, Systems Designers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Specialists, and more. What's more, the skills acquired are transferable across industries, meaning a BSET degree offers not just job prospects but career longevity and resilience in an ever-evolving job market.

Financial Rewards

Engineering technology professionals are well-compensated for their skills and expertise. According to PayScale, the median salary for graduates with a BSET degree is significantly higher than the national average, with experienced professionals and specialists in high-demand sectors earning even more.

Contributing to Society and Innovation

Engineers are the architects of the future. From the smartphones we can't live without to the infrastructure that supports our cities, from groundbreaking medical equipment to renewable energy solutions, engineering technologists make significant contributions to society and the world.

A BSET degree offers you the chance to work on innovative projects that can revolutionize how we live and interact with the world. It's a career that offers not just personal satisfaction but also the rewarding feeling of knowing that your work has a tangible, positive impact on people's lives and the environment.

Lifelong Learning

In an industry driven by innovation, learning never stops. The field of engineering technology is continuously evolving, offering professionals the opportunity to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. A BSET degree instills a strong foundation for continuous learning, fostering an intellectual curiosity that will serve graduates well throughout their careers.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology is more than just choosing a degree. It's a commitment to a future-proof career filled with opportunities for growth, challenge, and innovation. It's about joining the ranks of those shaping the world of tomorrow. So, if you're passionate about technology and want a career that allows you to leave your mark on the world, a BSET could be the perfect choice for you.

As an Engineering Technology (ET) student, you'll study basic engineering principles and technical skills. ET prepares you for automation, quality, and production positions in industries like defense, aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, healthcare, manufacturing, and mining. Potential employers include NASA, Festo, Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, GE, GM, Lockheed Martin, Intel, Texas Instruments, Boeing, IBM, Tesla, and many others. 

In addition to relevant, up-to-date classes, you'll gain practical experience through labs, research projects, and a capstone course. You'll graduate with the ability to design, build, maintain, troubleshoot, and expand engineering systems of all types. Through this flexible, convenient degree program, you'll be equipped with more than theory and textbook knowledge. You'll be ready for a strong start on the job with skills you can apply right away.

The program provides the essential knowledge to enter into the industry in careers, such as:

  • Engineering Technologist - average salary, $104,9171
  • Engineering Technician - average salary, $44,7841
  • Testing Technician - average hourly rate, $20.152
  • Integration Technician - average salary, $34,4701

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1. Salary based upon 2020 Glassdoor salary data

2. Salary based upon 2020 PayScale salary data

Why Capitol?

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Our location puts you in the heart of the action.

The Baltimore, Maryland/Washington D.C. area has one of the largest concentrations of high-tech companies, defense contractors, and government agencies in the United States, making it easier to find internships and high-paying jobs.


Our classes are taught by working professionals.

Engineering technology is constantly evolving, which makes our faculty extremely valuable since many are experts in the field.

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Our motto, ‘find a way, or make one’ delivers job ready skills.

Hands on classes, combined with extracurricular clubs like; League of Legends, the robotics club, and the gaming club help you hone the skills needed to excel in the workplace.

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Support for you

Whatever type of resource you need - a way to improve your math skills, a place to exercise, help with a job search or a disability - we have facilities and personnel ready to help.

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Degree Details


The bachelor of science in engineering technology degree (BSET) is a total of 121 credits, which covers technical courses, mathematics and sciences, English and social science courses.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates are subject to change.

The following rates are in effect for the 2024-2025 academic year, beginning in Fall 2024 and continuing through Summer 2025:

  • Full-time tuition is $13,175 per semester, plus fees
  • The active duty military tuition rate is $250 per credit, plus fees (additional discounts and scholarships do not apply)
  • The retired military tuition rate is $763 per credit, plus fees (additional discounts and scholarships do not apply)
  • All full-time students who keep their student account current are promised their tuition will not increase more than 1% per year for four years
  • For the cost of living in Capitol Technology University's modern residential facility.
  • Academic Fee for UAS-120 $500

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