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Alumni Profile: Terrence Bacon ‘07

When Terrence Bacon started college, he knew he wanted to do something involving computers. But coding wasn’t what appealed to him the most.

Gain the Business Analytics edge with Capitol's newest doctoral program

Capitol Technology University is known as an innovator in the field of higher education.

Hoyer leads roundtable discussion at Capitol Technology University

Rising costs are pricing many prospective students out of the higher education system at a time when the United States cannot afford to waste their potential, U.S.

For community college students, a new way to earn a bachelor’s degree

Many community college students aspire to build further credentials at a four-year institution, but some face geographical constraints due to work, family or other factors.

Alumni Profile: Nicole Patton

Nicole Patton wears multiple hats, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Calvin Cheng: From Capitol to Microsoft

Since arriving at Capitol Technology University two years ago, Calvin Cheng has built up considerable expertise in engineering, particularly in the area of RF communications.

Career Fair provides window into workforce needs

The McGowan Academic Center at Capitol Technology University bustled with students and recruiters on February 27 as the university held its annual career fair.

Alumni Profile: Seria D. Lakes, D.Sc.

“Telehealth has revolutionized how health care is administered,” writes Dr.

Fusion Lab Gets a Boost with Alumni Association Sponsorship

It’s hard to not to feel a sense of excitement when visiting Room M-204 of the McGowan Center at Capitol Technology University.

Capitol’s ISM degree provides business analytics edge

Now more than ever, companies and organizations have the ability to harness vast quantities of data that can help them improve products, better serve customers and enhance profitability.